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I wanted to say hello. I'm Ryan, as you've well seen by now. I am a forum moderator, as well as the founder of Building Beyond Me. I've been working on Building Beyond Me because I get too caught up in my own processes. I need to build beyond myself, to be a contributing member of society, and find a way to better love, help, and support my fellow humans.

I love to know why people laugh and why they cry. I want to have all of those awkward conversations that aren't "polite" because that's when you get down to the real shit of being a person. That being said, tell me something that made you feel really self conscious. I was once examined, fully nude by nine doctors, three medical students, and someone who just happened to be visiting the hospital. He had some kind of credentials, but I'm not sure what they were.

There's a whole lot more information about me on this website than there is about you (unless you get to work with a quickness and start writing your ass off and uploading photos!), so I'm sure you might be bored of me, but should you be interested, here are some links:
Did you notice how my dog wasn't a link? It rhymed, so I went with it [smile]
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