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This may not be the most fitting place for this topic, but it does bring something to mind. In an episode of Professor Blastoff (now available on howl.fm), Kyle goes to the doctor with a concern about his testicles, and isn't able to bring it up until he's literally walking out the door and saying goodbye. I wonder how often doctors get that type of information tossed at them like that.

I'm not breaking up with my therapist and psychiatrist for bad reasons. In fact, I have found them both to be incredibly compassionate and dynamic people. I'm breaking up with them because I'm leaving town.

I'm suddenly having all of these mixed emotions about all of the things that I've yet to share with them, that somehow it's those bottled up things that are causing me continued strife in life, and now is my last chance to unload everything onto them, particularly my therapist.

I told my therapist last week that I wanted really badly to be angry with him. That I need something to sever the relationship other than a simple goodbye. It's really weird to have shared the most intimate details of your life with someone for three years (while learning virtually nothing about them) and then suddenly you say goodbye. The end. There will be no follow-up. There will be no next session to work out something that's started to unravel. Just... the end.

This is awkward for me.  Anybody else feel the same?
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